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About Mary

I began my fitness career over 20 years ago as a runner, body builder, and dancer. I have completed many running events with successful finishes in the Santa Clarita Marathon, the Rome Marathon, and the New York City Marathon. I was a trialthlete for over a decade, and completed close to 30 events including Escape from Alcatraz, the Half Vineman, and the Half Wildflower. I have studied dance throughout most of my life, and earned a scholarship to Joel Hall School of Dance in Chicago Illinois in 1995.

I received my certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2000 and in 2007 I received my Pre/Post Natal Specialist certification from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). I participate in different workshops yearly to continue  my understanding of the physical body and to keep abreast of the latest in the fitness world. 

I became interested in working with the pre-/post-natal population. I completed a 6-week doula training program at Natural Resources in San Francisco, a 2-day postpartum doula training workshop, as well as a 3-month midwifery intensive course, "Heart and Hands," with Elizabeth Davis.  For 7 years I worked with women supporting them through the birth of their children.  The experience was very wonderful and transforming.

After the birth of my daughter in April of 2010, my life took a new turn as I entered into motherhood.  My experience birthing and 1-year postpartum was very challenging and forced a deeper exploration of myself and how I wanted to continue supporting mothers to be. I felt compelled to write about my experiences, and, decided to take classes at a local college.  Here my love of writing was completely revived and I dived deeply into writing poetry and studying literature.  I was introduced to Japanese verse by my professor and my love of haiku took off.  I joined twitter and formed a blog to share my poems.Since then, I have been pulished in many online journals and have been included in a few anthologies.

My desire to help and inspire others is still a deep passion for me as I journey forward. I am hoping that through sharing my experiences and expertise I can continue to be of support and encouragement to those around me. 

Mary Hohlman closeup